transmitted by mosquitoes


Heartworm disease is caused by a worm named Dirofilaria immitis, transmitted by the bites of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can indeed feed on dog’s blood as well as they feed on people. In dogs, mosquito bites can trigger allergic reactions and transmit different pathogens. 

Among the pathogens that can be transmitted by mosquitoes, Dirofilaria immitis is by far the most dangerous for dogs. Heartworm disease can threaten your dog’s health as it will severely impair the function of many organs including the lungs, heart and kidneys. After infection, it will take about 6 months before the disease can be diagnosed. On top of that, treating heartworm disease is risky and complicated, so prevention is by far the preferred option. 

Prevention strategy includes: 

• Combined use of a repellent parasiticide with proven efficacy against mosquitoes and chemoprophylaxis using macrocyclic lactones as per your veterinarian advices.

• Remove mosquito favorite developing sites near your home, such as stagnant waters.

Geographical distribution

The distribution of canine heartworm disease is changing. Invasive mosquito species and climate change contribute to spread heartworm disease in areas where it was not endemic before. It is therefore recommended to keep up-to-date about the heartworm disease risk in the  area where you live or where you plan to travel with your dog. 

You can easily check the real-time heartworm disease occurrence map! 

Discover more about the importance of heartworm disease map and how the heartworm disease geographical distribution is changing with Dr. Elena Carreton (ULPGC, Spain).

Heartworm map

Map legend: Autochtonous * Imported ** Unknown ***
* Autochtonous cases are living in endemic area or have no known travel history from endemic area ** Imported cases have a reported travel history from endemic area *** Cases with unknown travel history

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